About me

After completing my Master’s in Editing at RITCS in 2023, I’ve already had the opportunity to work on several notable projects. During my studies, I edited two award-winning short films: ‘Only Me, Me Alone’ and ‘La Marelle,’ both of which have been screened internationally.

Following that, I worked as a junior editor on ‘The Silent Treatment,’ Caroline Strubbe’s upcoming feature film, and as an assistant editor on ‘The Idylle,’ directed by Aron Rookus. In both roles, I worked closely under the supervision of David Verdurme.

Why editing?

As someone whose curiosity is a very important part of his character, observing people has always been a part of my life. I think the world is really fascinating with all its unique aspects and I found editing to be a way for me to give this all a place and to think about it more.

Software I use

As an editor in 2024, I believe that software shouldn’t be an obstacle to create the best possible result, that’s why I like to work with all the common non-linear editing softwares out there.