Sunday Child - Absynthe Minded


The music video is directed by Arne Fivez and Egon van Durme as a visual for the first single of the most recent Absynthe Minded EP “Sunday Painter”. The project faced a very particular challenge: seamlessly blending different zoom shots into one convincing mastershot. My part in this project was the tracking and masking process and the editing afterwards. I also assisted on set by checking interim versions to ensure that the end result could work. In addition to the clip itself, I also edited a number of teasers, one of which can be found on Absynthe Minded’s Instagram.

Production Company CATCH23 & Musickness

Director Egon Van Durme

Director Of Photography Arne Fivez

Colorist Arne Fivez

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Avid Media Composer