De Chinezen


In 2022, my roommate was asked to be assistant-editor on the fourth season of “De Noodcentrale” and its Walloon version “Appel D’Urgence” . Since she was still in school back then, she couldn’t accept this full time position so she asked me to share this position. One thing led to another and several weeks later, we we’re both assisting on this TV program.

From January until May we synced, precutted, provided graphic elements and mastered the 10 episodes from the Dutch program and 10 episodes from the Walloon program.

Since the focus at RITCS was especially pointed at learning and mastering Avid Media Composer, this experience was very useful since I got to immerse myself some more into the adobe eco-system. But probably more important, this has been my first production company experience and it has showed me what the possibilities are in such environments.

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects