The Silent Treatment

BACK TO ASSISTANT EDITOR The Silent Treatment, 2024   In October 2022, film editor David Verdurme, who was also editing supervisor at RITCS, has introduced me to Minds Meet and Caroline Strubbe, the director of The Silent Treatment. This has given me the opportunity to experience the entire proces of editing a feature film during […]

The Idylle

BACK TO ASSISTANT EDITOR THE IDYLLE, 2024   The Idyll is a co-production between Studio Ruba and Polar Bear TV by director Aaron Rookus. I got involved in the project via David Verdurme who asked me to make a precut of this film while he was still editing on The Silent Treatment. After shooting, the […]

De Chinezen

BACK TO ASSISTANT EDITOR De Chinezen   In 2022, my roommate was asked to be assistant-editor on the fourth season of “De Noodcentrale” and its Walloon version “Appel D’Urgence” . Since she was still in school back then, she couldn’t accept this full time position so she asked me to share this position. One thing […]


BACK TO ASSISTANT EDITOR Borgerhoff & Lamberigts TV​   After moving to Ghent in September 2023, I started working half-time as an assistant editor at Borgerhoff & Lamberigts TV. From the beginning of October, I started working on several programmes. My tasks ranged from ingesting footage and syncing to precutting and mastering. Throughout my time […]