The Silent Treatment, 2024


In October 2022, film editor David Verdurme, who was also editing supervisor at RITCS, has introduced me to Minds Meet and Caroline Strubbe, the director of The Silent Treatment. This has given me the opportunity to experience the entire proces of editing a feature film during my masters year.

25 set days into production, I started laying out a first version of this film for 2 or 3 days a week. 25 set days turned into 50 set days and on May 1st, David Verdurme joined the film as senior editor. From then I continued my journey as a junior editor for 2 months where I got to work side by side with David and Caroline, learning valuable things about editing and story. In July, post-production took a brake and was resumed at the end of September. During that period, David edited with Caroline and it was only in November I came back on board to help finish the movie. At the moment, the film is still in post-production. In February, the film was selected for a First Cut Lab.

Production Company Minds Meet

Producer Tomas Leyers

Director Caroline Strubbe

Director Of Photography William Davidson

Set Sound Marcel de Hoogd

Editor David Verdurme

Sound Post Company Mospost

Avid Media Composer

Tess, an odd 18-year-old Belgian woman with Stockholm syndrome, stalks an introverted, fortysomething Szabolcs in Budapest. His girlfriend Andrea secretly tries to approach the young stalker in order to help her confront Szabolcs with her questions about her troubled past. Gradually all three of them discover to what extent this tragic background affects their current relationships and learn to reconcile their past. The Silent Treatment is a film about how imagination and creativity can help us process traumas in order to make peace with our past. It is the third film of the Lost Persons trilogy by Caroline Strubbe, three feature films that form a unique narrative block as a sequel, but also can be viewed as standalone films.