The Idyll is a co-production between Studio Ruba and Polar Bear TV by director Aaron Rookus. I got involved in the project via David Verdurme who asked me to make a precut of this film while he was still editing on The Silent Treatment.

After shooting, the footage went to a postproduction house to sync the footage and after that, I came in. I set up the project for David and started independently editing to get a first cut based on the screenplay. It was only during the last 5 days, David passed me some thoughts to make this first cut as good as possible for the first watch with the director.

After that I passed it on to editor David Verdurme who continued the work with Aaron.

Production Company Studio Ruba, Polar Bear TV

Director Aaron Rookus

Director Of Photography Emo Weemhoff

Sound Engineer Simone Galavazi, Matis Rei

Editor David Verdurme

Avid Media Composer

The Idylle is a tragicomic mosaic film around the theme of meaning. Especially after a major setback, it becomes clear to you: the meaning is not there, you can attribute it to it, but you remain at the mercy of circumstances and the needs and wishes of others. For better or worse. In the midst of it, you must try to make something of it, within your own small existence. And maybe, in a small moment, you manage to be amazed. how imagination and creativity can help us process traumas in order to make peace with our past. It is the third film of the Lost Persons trilogy by Caroline Strubbe, three feature films that form a unique narrative block as a sequel, but also can be viewed as standalone films.